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                                          Welcome To 


                               DESIGNER DOGS          
                      Maltese/Bichon  -  MALTICHON                  
 Every child should have TWO things, a dog and a parent who let's them have one.
    "A dog is the only thing that will love you more than you love yourself"
              (Josh Billings)
   "Buying a dog maybe the only opportunity that a humanbeing has to choose  a relative"            (Mordecai Siegn)
    "There is NO better psychiatrist in the world than a puppy licking your face"
               (Woodrow Willson)

To the world you are just a pet owner.
To a  pet you are the world.
Until one has loved an animal part of his soul remains unawakened.
Welcome to my site.  I've been breeding dogs for over 27 years.  I am NOT a puppy mill.  My dogs are my personal pets, they live in the house with me and do not live outside or in crates/cages.  The breeds I have are my personal favorites.  I have always loved dogs and I am lucky enough to live in a large house with lot's of land so that I can raise them.  I began breeding by accident. Yes, my little male Maltese got my female Bichon  pregnant.  So, that is when I first learned about designer dogs (mixing of two purebreds) and discovering that many people preferred a mix rather than a purebred.  I believe individuals should have the right to pick the kind of dog they want.  I know some people wrestle with "should I adopt a dog from the shelter" or get the breed I really want. Rest assure, that since I know there are many dogs in shelters that need a home, a portion of my sales will be donated to "Animal Rescue" organizations.
I enjoyed watching the puppies being born, and growing up.  I give my puppies lots of love and attention and physical contact so they are very socialized when they go to their new home.  I saw the joy it brought people who suffered from severe allergies when they realized there were breeds out there they could own, that were hypoallergenic.  So the Maltese and  the Bichon Frise were the two breeds I started breeding.  (Both hypoallergenic). 
As time went on, I fell in love with the look of the West Highland Terrier.  This breed is not hypoallergenic however, as they have an undercoat which means they shed, but very little compared to some breeds.  But I couldn't resist that face and those ears.  So I purchased a female Westie. She was so sweet and I decided I would start breeding Westies, so then I purchased a male Westie.  (I no longer breed Westies)

I am a two time Cancer survivor and although I had family and friends who were loving and supporting me during the tough times, my animals gave me so much comfort in a totally different way.  They instinctively know when we need their comfort and are always there to provide it.  It has been  proven that people who are ill, recover faster when they have animals in their life. I know my animals  were a big part of my recovery, physically and emotionally.

The Designer Dogs that I breed are the MALTICHON. 
Maltichon is a Bichon Frise and a Maltese, mix

I do not breed anything under 7lbs, average is 8-14lbs.  I do not breed purebreds.
The Maltichon is a combination that makes for a sweet little dog with a great disposition and they work very well for people with allergies. Although these dogs lose hair just like people do, they do not shed their coat.  
I own the mother and father of all my litters.  I have specific web pages designed for the above breeds and designer dogs.  Just click on the tabs on the left and selected what your interested in. 

You can learn more about the Maltichon under the Maltichon tab.  

I am hoping to start breeding Maltipoo's but that will be probably around 2019. I am looking for a black female minature poodle.
If you are interested in Stud service, I charge $700. Half up front, at time of breeding,
.  There is a fee of $100. (this is included in the stud fee)   If your female does not get pregnant, your  deposit money is returned to you minus the stud fee. If the female does get pregnant, the remaining balance is due after the pregnancy is confirmed.   I then release the stud's papers so you can register the litter.  You can visit the web page "STUDS" to see pictures of the male studs for the breed you are interested in.