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                      WESTIE MIX (Designer Dogs)
WeeChons  (Westie/Bichon)   
Highland Maltie (Westie/Maltese)
West Highland Terriers shed and therefore are NOT considered hypoallergenic, however, the Maltese and the Bichon Frise breeds are because they do not shed.  I had many requests for Westies that were mixed with a hypoallergenic breed, specially the Maltese and  Bichon Frise. 
Westie's are terriers and they are trained to perform certain tasks such as catching rodents.  That is why they suggest you don't have a pet mouse, rat, or hamster, if you own a Westie.   Westie's also like to dig.  By mixing the Westie with another breed that is not a terrier, you can cut down on these behaviors as well as the shedding.
Because designer dogs are one of a kind, you won't know at birth if they look for like a Westie or the other breed they are mix with. Sometimes the ears are up like a Westie or they are down like a Maltese or a Bichon.  Westie hair is different than the Maltese and Bichon so the puppies can have hair like a Westie, or more like the breed its mix with, or a combination. 
You also won't know if the puppy is going to have more of the personality of a Westie, or the other breed, or a combination.  Most of the time there is a balance but one never knows with desinger dogs.  The puppy could have the look of a Westie and the personality of the other breed or visa versa.
The Westie and Maltese mix is called a Highland Maltie.  Maltese have soft straight or slightly wavy hair.  Maltese average 8-10lbs and the Westie average is 15-18 so a Highland Maltie can be anywhere from 8-18lbs with the average usually around 13lbs. The hair  usually is wavy and soft but not always.
The Westie and Bichon Frise is called a WeeChon.  Bichon's have curly hair similiar to a poodle.  Bichon's average is 10-13 lbs so the WeeChon average is  somewhere between 10 and 13lbs. The hair is usually real wavy, or curlier, like the Bichon.
Below are some pictures of Westie/Maltese and Westie/Bichons and at the bottom I will show pure bred Wesites, Maltese, and Bichons.
Highland Malties (Westie/Maltese)
In the two pictures below, the top picture shows the two females and the one below is the male
I have three Westies and they all have different hair. One is soft and wavy, one is a little coarse and wavy, and one is much straighter and not as soft.
Maltese can have very long hair (longer than a Westie) but I keep mine short.
In this picture the hair is cut real short.
I also keep my Bichon's cut very short.
This last picture is a Bichon puppy.