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                                               PUPPY CONTRACT


All my puppies will see the Vet before 7 weeks for a puppy health exam, worming, and their first set of puppy shots. You will be given a health record for your puppy to take to your vet showing what the puppy has had done to him or her. The puppies are guaranteed to be in good health to the best of my knowledge. Your puppy will be eating Purina Puppy Chow.  Continue to use this brand as a change in puppy food will cause diarrhea.I discuss how to transition from one food to another in your hand outs.  Check with you Vet. before changing foods and there are some foods that are not good enough quality for your pet. Some foods can cause bladder stones which is common in Bichons. 

The Vet. I use is at the Alta Vista Animal Hospital, located on Golden Triangle in Keller, Tx.  Their phone number is 817 431 2526.  They have the medical history on your puppy.  TO VALIDATE THIS CONTRACT YOU MUST HAVE A LICENSED VETERINARIAN CHECK OUT THE PUPPY WITHIN 5 DAYS OF PURCHASE.  Should the puppy have a life threatening defect or illness that can not be corrected by treatment or surgery, I must be notified immediately.  A letter from the examining Vet. is required stating  what the puppy's condition is and that it is terminal and no treatment is available.  I reserve the right to have the puppy re-examined by my Vet.  OnlyLIFE THREATENINGconditions that the dog will die from because there is no treatment constitutes an exchange or refund. If it is determined that the illness or condition was presentwhen you purchased the puppy, youMUST return the puppyto exchange for another puppy.  If no puppy is available, a refund will be given once the puppy is returned. This contact is valid for one year.

No guarantee is made to the size, temperament, or breeding capability.  Puppies are like children and they are susceptible to infections and common illnesses.  Some common illnesses are wormy stool, coughs, diarrhea, Coccidiosis, just to name a few, and should be treated.  Common illnesses are curable with medication from your Vet..  It is the responsibility of the buyer to continue with the series of puppy shots and routine Vet. checkups.  The puppy shots MUST be completed to protect your puppy from deadly diseases for the rest of their live by making sure they develop a strong immune system.  All Vet. bills are the responsibility of the buyer.

Deposits to hold a puppy are understood to be 100% NON-REFUNDABLE unless something happens tot he puppy in my care, meaning a life threatening illness is discovered or it suffers an injury. The buyer can to choose another puppy that's available or move the deposit to the upcoming litter as an option.


Do not feed your new puppy Greenies or Rawhide as they are not digestible and can be fatal. Do not let your puppy chew on houseplants or garden plants as certain plants are poisonous.

 (Antifreeze is also very poisonous and the taste will attract your puppy).  You can go on line or ask your Vet to find out all the things that are live threatening to your pet. 

 It is the responsibility of the buyer to continue with the series of puppy shots and routine Vet. checkups.  The puppy shot series must be completed to protect your puppy from deadly diseases for the rest of his life by giving him or her  a good immune system.  All Vet bills are the responsibility of the buyer.  Deposits made to HOLD a puppy is understood to be 100% NON-REFUNDABLE unless something happens to the puppy in my care. (meaning a  life threatening illness or suffers an injury). If the buyer wants to choose another puppy that's available,  the deposit can be transferred to that puppy or next litter.


 If you are unable to take care of the puppy and can't find a good home, to assure none of my puppies end up in a shelter, buyer agrees to contact me at "Kathy's Little Pups " BEFORE the puppy is taken to a animal shelter. I will help you find a home or I can take the puppy back and find a new home for it .


Buyer acknowledges that they are not a broker or affiliated with a pet store, or purchasing the puppy for resale.


The signatures below indicate that both buyer and seller understand and agree to abide by all terms of this guarantee for purchase of one of my puppies.




Seller:  Kathleen Roberts_____________________________     








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